Advantages of a Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife holders are one of the best ways to store your kitchen knives.

Owning a good collection of kitchen knives is a fundamental part of every kitchen. They are great tools for slicing, chopping, dicing or carving. And even the smallest kitchen has probably at least three specialized knives for these tasks.  Of course a good set of kitchen knives doesn’t come cheap, so storing them properly is important to keep their lifespan. Many people store their knives in a drawer or in a knife block, however, these knife storage solutions have certain drawbacks that turn them into not the most desirable way for keeping your knives. On the other hand, these drawbacks of blocks and drawers are exactly the good points that a magnetic knife holder has:

A magnetic knife strip doesn’t take valuable space of your kitchen countertop, like a normal knife block takes. This is a fundamental advantage of magnetic knife holders, especially if the kitchen is a small one.

It is a convenient way to store your knives. The knives are easy to retrieve if they are store with a magnetic knife strip and you don’t have to guess which knife you are taking because they are in display, ready to use.

The edge of the knives will hold longer with a magnetic knife holder. If you store your knives in a drawer, the constant touching of the blades will dull your knives very quickly. A magnetic knife rack doesn’t have this problem because the knives don’t touch one another.

Using a magnetic knife strip is extremely safe. On one hand, you will not have the risk cutting yourself while rummaging into a drawer. On the other hand because you can hang the strip high, it is less likely that a kid could reach the knives.

As you can see, using a magnetic knife holder is the best way to properly store your kitchen knives. It is cheap, convenient and safe. A must have accesory for your kitchen

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