Better Houseware Bamboo Magnetic Knife Rack 2404/12 13.5 inches

Great magnetic kitchen organizer that mounts to any wall.

If you are looking for a good way of store your knives or other utensils in your kitchen, then this eco friendly magnetic bamboo knife/tool holder by Better Houseware could be the right solution for your storage needs.

The bar is made of bamboo and features strong magnetic strips hidden into the bamboo. So for those of you who are conscious about damaging their knife edges by accident with a metal magnetic bar, this bamboo model could be the perfect choice. Because it doesn’t matter in what way you retrieve your knives, the magnetic knife rack can not dull the edge of the blade.

This model measures 13.5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick. So it is large enough to hang up to five regular kitchen knives without problems. Besides, it is extremely lightweight, weighting only 2 pounds.

Mounting hardware is included, and you can mount it vertical or horizontal in any wall or wood cabinetry.

In conclusion, to organize and keep your knives or kitchen utensils at hand, and to save space on your kitchen countertop and drawers, there is nothing better than a Magnetic knife rack. And what choice is better that picking one that it is environmentally friendly as the model 2404/12 is. As usual you can find this model at Amazon, one of the most trusted online stores on the web, and a good place to find bargains too.

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