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Using a magnetic knife bar is a great way for keeping your kitchen knives tidily and at hand in your kitchen. 

If you are searching for a magnetic knife strip to improve your kitchen, the first things that you would consider are your needs and the restrictions you face. How many knives you own? How much space do you have on your kitchen for the strip? And of course, how would it blend with the rest of your kitchen décor.

There are plenty of models online to choose from. Some of the materials commonly used to made magnetic knife bars are stainless steel, wood, bamboo and aluminum, choose the one that will mingle better with your kitchen style.

If we take into account the size, most of them come between ten inches (25cm) and thirty inches (75cm) long. However, a twenty inches strip could probably accommodate about eight or ten kitchen knives without problem. While a ten inches bar could be perfect for a kitchen knife set of no more than 5 knives. Of course we are speaking about the knives typically found in a knife set. If you have some really large knives, like cleavers, or want to hang other utensils as well, adjust these numbers accordingly.

The magnetic power of the knife bar is another consideration. The best is the one able to keep your knives or utensils held securely, but not with so much power to turn retrieving them into a chore.

A good selection of magnetic knife bars can be found at Amazon, one of the most trusted retail stores online, and one where you can find frequently the cheapest prices.  However, one of the best things about buying online at Amazon is that you can read hundreds of reviews and learn how real users found the products after purchasing them. Having so much information available in one site really save a lot of time to buy the product we want online. So, check the link below to find the model you want: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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