Global Magnetic Knife Strip – Holds Even the Heaviest Knives Securely


The magnetic knife holders made by Global are perhaps the most expensive magnetic bars on the market. They surely are of a premium quality, but I am not so sure that such a high price tag could be justify. After all, the job that a magnetic strip has to do is quite simple. Why to pay a high price tag for when a cheaper one, like Miu or Wusthof, does the same job quite well?

I think that the principal reason that someone want to buy a Global Knife Strip is because he or she want a magnetic holder that match their Global knives. It is the only reason that I think justify the price (that and to have a lot of cash).

The strips come in four length: 13in, 16in, 20in, and 32in. They are heavy, for example, the 20in model weights twice as much than the Miu France of the same length. So, if you are thinking of buying the Global holder, be aware that you need to mount it into wall studs.

The Global are made of stainless steel and are aestetically pleasant to the sight. They are decorated with a dot pattern that complements Global's knife-handle design. The magnetic is strong, almost too strong for my taste. So if you are looking for an strong magnetic holder, this is the one.

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