Pure Komachi 2 knives by KAI – a Great Knife Set for Your Kitchen


When you are looking for a great knife set for your kitchen, you probably want sharp knives, that are well balance, with a great feel in your hand, a blade that doesn't rust, and of course with an affordable price. Sadly making a knife is ultimately a task of finding a compromise between those desirable characteristics. For example, the more stainless the steel, the harder it will be to give the blade a good edge. Or you can use some exotic steel that combine sharpness with a blade that will not rust, but paying a really high price tag.

So, when I saw the Pure Komachi 2 knife set I really had to give credit to KAI for the ingenuity of their design. They come through with a very simple and imaginative solution to the problem of making a cheap knife with a wicked edge that doesn't rust. Simple, bonding liquid coating to the high carbon stainless steel blades, permit KAI to make an inexpensive knife, razor sharp out of the box and able to resist corrosion without problem. I am impressed.

So Let's Look This Pure Komachi 2 9-Piece Knife Set with Block in More Detail.

What's in the Box?

The set includes almost anything that you can possible want when cooking: an 8-inch chef's knife, 8-inch bread knife, 6-1/2-inch Oriental chef's knife, 4-inch tomato/cheese knife, a 4-inch citrus knife, a 3-1/2-inch paring knife, a 6-inch utility knife, 5-3/4-inch sandwich knife, and acrylic storage block.

So, How Much You Should Pay for This Set?

I have seen this set between $69.99 and $100 online. Each individual knife costs around $10. As there are eight knives in the set, that made around $80. The acrylic block sells for around $40.  So you you can save a great deal buying this set. Of course, if you are not interested in the block, the price will go down a little more. Amazon generally have good prices  (check more buying option at the right of the page) so if you see the set in stock there with a good price it is worth grabbing asap.

How Are the Handles Like?

The handles are made of molded resin and are lightweight and contoured for a comfortable grip. The material feel like a hard plastic and has an acceptable grip, but not great.

How Are the Blades?

The blades are the selling point of these knives. They are incredible sharp and the coating, in addition to prevent rust, makes cleaning simple and helps the knife glide through food with ease. In general the knives feel light in your hands, but because it is so easy cutting with them, you soon forget about the different feel of these knives to simple enjoy working with them.

What Are They Made Of?

The Pure Komachi 2 are made of high carbon stainless steel (SUS420J2) and bonding with friction-reducing liquid color coating. These colors help guard against cross-contamination of your food, making it easy to remember which blade you used on your meat and which knife was for vegetables.

Are Them Dishwasher Safe?

No, hand washing and drying is recommended.

Where Are They Made?

They are made by KAI, the same company that makes Shun and Kershaw knives, in China.

Are There Any Complaint?

The only complaint I could find is that because the knives are lightweight, they feel kind of cheap in your hand. It is true that the Pure Komachi series are lightweight and cheap, but don't confuse a great price and the different feel of Japanese knives with low quality. The quality in this case far exceed the price. Besides, be aware that the acrylic block is fairly large, so you will need to have enough space on your counter-top for it.

Is There Something More to Know?

To protect the colorful blade coating, avoid cutting frozen food or using scouring pads or gritty cleansers when cleaning.

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can find more information and reviews at Amazon, one of the most trusted retail stores online Click here to go.

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