Wüsthof Magnetic Knife Holder

A good selection of magnetic knife holders to store all your knives.

No question, the kitchen knives made by Wüsthof are one of the best in the cutlery market nowadays. They are solid, well balance and sharp. And of course anyone making so good knives would want to take good care of them.  That's one of the reasons why Wüsthof makes a wide selection of magnetic knife holders to store their kitchen knives.

The Wüsthof magnetic bars are made of Aluminum, Wood or a synthetic material that can be chromed or not. All of them include a pair of screws and anchors to hang them securely in your wall, or wood cabinetry.

The length range is enough for the majority of your kitchen needs. They come in models that measure 11½in. (30cm), 13½in. (35cm), 17¾in. (45cm), and 19½in. (50cm). Frankly, you can find Wüsthof magnetic holders in an array of shapes, sizes and colors to fit any kitchen decor or style.

Besides, the Wüsthof magnetic strips come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The only complaint that I can find is that they are a little in the expensive side for my taste. However, it is the price that you have to pay for a premium quality product.

Most Popular Wüsthof Models

Wüsthof Wood Magnetic Knife Holders

Model: 7223/30

11½ inches (30cm)

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Model: 7223/45

17¾ inches (45cm)

Wüsthof Aluminum Magnetic Knife Strips 

Model: 7228/35

13½ inches (35cm)

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Model: 7228/50

19½ inches (50cm)

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Wüsthof Synthetic Material Magnetic Knife Rack 

Model: 7225/30 Black

11½ inches (30cm)

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Model: 7227/45 Chrome

17¾ inches (45cm)

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